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The Better Breakfast Show w/Steve Floyd

A former interrogator for the U.S. Army, Steve’s hobbies include extracting information from uncooperative sources, and speaking foreign languages (Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish & French), as well as running 25 miles every week. Steve and his wife Erin have 5 boys (Zachary, David, Nicolas, Gabriel, & William) and two girls (Rachel & Kailyn). They live in downtown Fairbanks, and Erin home schools the brood.

The Better Breakfast Show is a fast-paced news program interspersed with features:

6:00 Fox News

6:06 Weather

6:09 Alaska News

6:15 Weather

6:20 Bruce Cech’s Sports Report

6:25 Morning Intelligence Briefing

6:28 Fox Business Report | Local Gold & Silver Report

6:30 Fox News Update

6:31 Fox Tax Tip

6:32 Weather

6:33 Entertainment Tonight Radio Minute

6:37 America’s Most Wanted

6:42 Alaska News

6:56 Chronicles of the Old West

7:00 Fox News

7:06 Weather

7:10 School Lunch Menu

7:12 Air Quality

7:14 Alaska News

7:20 Here’s to Your Health

7:25 Focus on the Family

7:27 Osgood Files

7:30 Fox News Update

7:31 Fox Tax Tip

7:32 Weather

7:35 Fox Business Report | Local Gold & Silver Report, including gas prices in Fairbanks

7:40 Lars Larson Commentary

7:43 UPI Daily Almanac | American Minute

7:48 Alaska News

Schedule fluctuates according to breaking news/ availability of feature…

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