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Emergency Preparedness 101

First Time Shopping List for an Emergency Food Supply: 1.  10 lbs. of white or wheat flour (both would be better.  Remember the Prepper Golden Rule: 1 is none and 2 is 1).  Those of you who have wheat allergies, click here for alternatives. 2. 10 lbs. of corn meal 3. 5 lbs. of oats 4. 20 lbs of rice (white rice stores better tha ...

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Think About THIS! (with Natalie Howard)

Stanley Milgram’s “Obedience to Authority” is a powerful read.  We might all be aware of his basic experiment (and have watched the recent film on him, “The Experimenter”), but as is so often the case - the book is way better.  The way he varied his experiment to learn more about obedience to authority - specifically the banalit ...

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KFAR History

Ray Bonnell / Sketches of Alaska FAIRBANKS — Within a few years of commercial radio’s birth in the Lower 48, radio stations began popping up in Alaska. In 1922 the Northern Commercial Company (NC Co.) started KLAY radio station in Fairbanks. Unfortunately for Fairbanks residents, the radio station was short lived. When the NC Co ...

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This Week’s 50/50 Friday

We have exclusive deals with some of your favorite local businesses, offering certificates for 1/2 price. Check out the current deals here: This week's 50/50 offer is "Turbo Tans" Log on at 9am on Friday, 11/13, to get your certificate before they sell out! ***************** ...

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